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gaelic4parents An do rinn sibh bodach sneachda an-diugh? Did you make a snowman today? You can find a wee #Gaelic song about making a snowman on @GMEeileansiar 's orain na cloinne bige website: orain-na-cl...
05:06PM Jan 17
gaelic4parents Bliadhna Mhath Ùr bho Sgioba G4P! Happy New Year from the team at G4P! If learning #Gaelic is one of your new year resolutions - remember that you are never too old (or too young!) to start learning a #language www.medical...
05:07PM Jan 08
gaelic4parents @fngaidheal produced a #Gaelic pantomime this year 'Anna Bheag a' Chòta Dheirg' - you can watch it on: www.youtube... pic.twitter...
05:06PM Dec 21