Door Signs

Here you can download and print out a set of signs to colour in and label the doors in your house.

Download Door Signs (1,251k) then print it them on to light card or heavy paper. Colour them all in, then ask a grown-up to cut them out along the dotted lines.

The Gaelic text reads:

Graphic of printable item Cidsin - This is for the kitchen

Graphic of printable item An seòmar-cadail aig... - this is for your (or someone else's) bedroom. It reads 'This is the bedroom of...' In the box, write the name of the person whose bedroom you'll be using the sign for.

Graphic of printable item An seòmar-suidhe (the sitting-room)

Graphic of printable item Taigh beag - This is for a toilet

Graphic of printable item Seòmar-ionnlaid - This is for a bathroom

Graphic of printable item Seòmar-bìdh - This is for a dining room, or the place where you eat

The designs have been created in Acrobat (pdf) format. If you have problems using this, please click here

Graphic Button : Get Adobe Reader

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