Cut-out Characters

Here's some characters from Colla and Ciorstag's quest which you can print out (colour is good, but black-and-white is fine), paste onto a light card with PVA (white glue) or similar, cut out and mount on the base provided.


Download, print out, paste onto card, cut out and assemble:

Graphic Illustration: Coll and CiorstagColla and Ciorstag (pdf, 106k)

Graphic Illustration: Evil WizardThe Evil Wizard (pdf, 133k)

Graphic Illustration: EagleThe Eagle (pdf, 96k)

Graphic Illustration: ToadThe Bridge-keeper (pdf, 122k)

Graphic Illustration: Old TreeThe Old Tree (pdf, 219k)

Graphic Illustration: LadyThe Lady (pdf, 123k)


The designs have been created in Acrobat (pdf) format.

If you have problems using this, please click here

Graphic Button : Get Adobe Reader


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